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Language Matters...Defining Spelligent!

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Schools should be designed to support every learner. When they do, they are Spelligent.

Spel·li·gent - /spel’əjənt/: Having the knowledge and/or expertise that empowers one to understand and support the learning needs of individuals across the range of ability.

When an individual is Spelligent they can:

Support the

Potential of




  • I am a Spelligent educator: I understand learner variability in the classroom and how to support students across the learning spectrum.

  • I am a Spelligent student: I understand my own learning profile and what supports I need to be successful in school.

  • I am a Spelligent caretaker: I understand my student’s learning profile and what supports they need to be successful in school.

Spelligent is more than a school model, we are a revolution. We are leading an inclusive revolution - a new vision for what's possible in schools. Are you in? Be Spelligent!

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