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Every learner is different. Students need a school designed around difference.
We are THAT school.

Spelligent is an inclusive-by-design school designed to meet the needs of students across the range of abilities by providing a rigorous, accessible, and engaging learning experience.

Schools should be designed to work for EVERY student.



Engaging. We will make learning fun.

  1. Students will strengthen their literacy and math learning by participating in both project- and arts-based experiences where students immerse themselves in learning topics through visual arts, theater arts, and hands-on activities. 

  2. Every week students will have an enrichment day where they will participate in activities related to their personal interests and individual strengths. 

Rigorous. We will challenge every student.

  1. We will implement the Primary Years International Baccalaureate program which will provide students a rich learning experience that focuses on becoming global learners and building student agency and self-efficacy.

  2. We will offer foreign language instruction to all grade levels.

  3. Every student will participate in grade-level instruction and have access to targeted intervention or skill enrichment so they are equipped with the skills needed to be successful on grade level content.

Accessible. We will support every student.

  1. Our multi-sensory instructional approach will enable our students to engage in our rigorous curriculum. This includes the use of multimedia, hands-on learning, and interactive activities that will increase student understanding.

  2. Because every learner is different, we will offer personalized learning pathways so that, unlike traditional schools, all students are not expected to learn the same thing at the same time. 

  3. Every student will have a learner profile that describes their individual learning traits so teachers can design lessons that work for all students.

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